Darcy's 120 Day Progress

Every now and then I get the pleasure of working with an individual that is so focused on the goal that progress comes easy. Darcy works EXTREMELY hard at everything he does - he's been an athlete at the highest level, is focused on his career, and his training. He took the same approach to his nutrition program and the results speak for themselves. 30lbs lost in 120 days, eating close to 3000 calories a day.

Here's what Darcy had to say about his progress.

As I approach the age of 50, I have noticed physiological changes in my physique over the past few years with added weight gain in small increments in certain areas that eventually have made a huge difference in my overall appearance. I have always been into fitness and working out hard has never been an issue with me...it has been poor food selection and wrong portion consumption. Thanks to my nutrition coach Laura, I was able to get dialled in with my macros and push the reset button on my eating habits which have led to a weight loss of 30 pounds in 120 days! I started the program at 213 pounds and currently weigh 183 pounds. I feel amazing and have noticed a dramatic increase in endurance, strength, and stamina.

I thought I was conscientious enough about eating healthy and proper diet but I found out that I was actually clueless! I never really focused on macros and observed that I consuming way too many carbohydrates in the form of fruit/pasta and just simply under-eating with regards to protein and fats.

Working with Laura really helped me to achieve my goals of leaning out and dropping 30 pounds. I knew that I would be able to do my part and put in the effort as far as training and working out...I just needed to be "coached" in the right direction regarding my meal plans and macros. Laura was able to do that by dialling in my numbers and the results have been amazing. At first, it seemed that I was eating too much food and the thought of actually putting butter (fats) on food was new to me...something I thought was really bad for you in the past. Laura advised me to stay on track and trust her and give my body time to adjust.

I do a lot of cycling and have noticed and an indescribable difference with endurance and energy during long training days. Completing a 75-80 mile cycling day is so much easier and the recovery time is faster because I'm constantly refuelling my body with the proper quantity, quality, and the right food. With Laura's instructions and help, I was able to figure out how to fuel my body to sustain energy throughout the day with training sessions and not feel so physically depleted.

This program has taught me a lot about how big of a role proper nutrition, portion consumption, and accountability can be in achieving fitness goals and weight loss. I would definitely recommend getting on board with Laura's program to get "coached, advised, instructed" in the right direction to achieve fitness goals and weight loss.

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