Body after baby.

You're probably wondering why I haven't blogged since February...

I can't believe it's been so long. Boy, does time fly. The main reason why I've been so quiet is that my wonderful clients have been keeping me busy and I had a baby two months ago. Trying to stay on top of everything while pregnant was hard enough, and boy is it ever difficult with a newborn in tow.

The last year has been amazing for me as a coach, because not only have I learned so much about my body, and my own fitness journey, I have been able to work with a number of pregnant and postpartum women on their own journeys as well.

While I love working with athletes and individuals of all levels, I have a newfound passion for working with postpartum clients. Watching my body grow larger after years of working to keep it lean was one of the most difficult parts of my pregnancy. Now that I've had my daughter, I am faced with a new challenge - the same one my clients are feeling when they come to me in the first place - getting fit.

I find myself looking in the mirror at a body I don't really recognize, and while I love it for what it's achieved, I am excited to get back to business of being fit too. I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you, which I intend to do here on my blog.

I will be updating the website in a few weeks with some testimonials from blueprint clients that I am excited to share with you. We've done some amazing work over th

e year and I can't wait to brag about it!

Yours in fitness,


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