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Looking for some meal time inspiration?

When you first start tracking your macros, it is often easier to eat the same things for a while to get into a routine. Eventually, that gets boring... no one can eat the same thing every day for their whole lives!

While there are many recipe books to be found at your local bookstore that have nutrition information available, the internet is one of my favourite resources. With so many flexible dieters sharing their macro-friendly creations online - the ideas are endless, and can keep you creating in the kitchen for hours.

Some of my favourite sites worth checking out are below!

Hungry Girl - so many ideas!!

Chocolate Covered Katie - for your sweet tooth!

Jamie Easton's recipes on

Sarah Lynn Fitness - seriously, she's a wizard!

Ripped Recipes

While many of these resources have nutrition information with the recipes, I generally recommend measuring out the ingredients you are using on your own just to make sure it's correct!

What are your favourite macro-friendly recipe resources?

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