My favourite macro swaps

For many of my clients, starting to track macros is an eye opening experience.

While I don't necessarily believe that people need to track their food forever - it is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to fully understanding what exactly is in your food.

When in a cut phase of your diet, often we need to make food substitutes in order to meet your macros. This doesn't always need to be painful, however - and there are many products on the market that make this super easy.

There are easy swaps - like egg whites instead of whole eggs - but I wanted to share some of my favourite products with you that I use almost everyday.

The first one, is pictured above. PB2! I LOVE nut butter, but once I realized how much fat is in just one tbsp of the stuff, I knew it would need to take it's place on the back of the shelf while I worked towards my goals. I know some people that eat nut butter everyday on a cut, but it's just not "worth" it for me.

SO, I use powdered peanut butter like PB2 or similar products. You just add water to your desired consistency and bam... nut butter! It doesn't taste QUITE the same, but I enjoy it very much. For only 1.5g of fat for 1tbsp, vs. 8g of fat or more for your average peanut butter, it is worth the trade off.

Some of my other favourite macro friendly products are below.

P28 Protein Bread

Explore Cuisine Bean Pastas

Bell Plantation PB2

La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Wraps

Low or Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

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