Nutrition Coaching

We create a custom macronutrient profile designed to fit your lifestyle and help you reach your goals. Then we help you stick with it through one-on-one coaching. Our programs include:


  • Accountability and support 

  • Customized nutrition protocol with a focus on education and improvement

  • Goal setting and lifestyle coaching

  • Instructions for getting started with flexible dieting

  • A sample grocery list and sample meal plans

  • Weekly check ins with your coach

  • Adjustments made as needed

  • Unlimited access to your coach via email

  • Cardio guidelines 

  • Help navigating all of the curveballs life throws your way

Why should I hire a coach?

What is Flexible Dieting?

You're not going to avoid cake forever.

Flexible dieting is about finding balance. We work within your daily macronutrient intake to ensure you are eating what you need to reach your goals, without eliminating your favourite foods. It's not a diet. It's a nutrition concept and lifestyle change.

Getting a plan is easy, sticking to it while balancing our day to day commitments is another story. This is where we come in.


Hiring a coach will keep you accountable, and give you the support system you need to succeed. We want to create sustainable change.